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Species by the Thousands: Macabre Art in Wearable Form

by LifeWithoutKarmaloop

Species by the Thousands is a jewelry and apparel collection created by Brooklyn artist Erica Bradbury. The brand draws and paints grotesque art onto a variety of t-shirts and accessories using sustainable materials such as vintage, reclaimed metals, organic and recycled fibers.

With a motley mash-up of 70′s nostalgia, the natural, and the supernatural, Bradbury successfully translates this moody aesthetic into authentic pieces that make indie jewelry such a pleasurable alternative to passing cheap thrills.

About the designer

Erica Bradbury is a visual artist by training. Struggling to fit paintings into apartments and cars, she wanted to find a way to bring her art to the world in an informal, immediate way. After getting an M.F.A. in painting, Bradbury moved to Brooklyn and started working for an accessories designer.

In 2006 Erica started her own jewelry line. Inspired by a love for wild animals and scary nature, with a desire to make variations of things unknown, she named her label Species by the Thousands.

species by the thousands Species by the Thousands: Macabre Art in Wearable Form

Macabre art

As a young girl, Bradbury loved 70′s horror movies. Her grotesque aesthetic comes from spending a lot of time driving around the woods with friends, listening to King Diamond and watching Twin Peaks.

Species by the Thousands is inspired by the bearded man in the woods, psychedelic music, and howling wolves. Its designs are a combination of the natural – flowers, twigs, moons, and animals – and the supernatural – monsters, goblins, ghosts, and witchcraft.

Bradbury’s love of nature, as well as regrets over having used spray paint and resins as a fine artist, has led to her focus on using eco-friendly and sustainable materials in her jewelry line.

Erica does not use typical graphic design or screen printing on her apparel collection, focusing instead on drawing and painting them herself.

Species by the Thousands is not designed specifically for girls or guys. Bradbury looks at her jewelry as objects alone. She locates her creative aesthetic in a “1970′s craft book, the Halloween section.”

The emphasis on nature-inspired iconography combined with the judicious use of vintage and dead stock materials gives the line a feeling of haunted whimsy, made better by Bradbury’s cheeky sense of humor.

Besides jewelry, Species by the Thousands offers apothecary candles, spell kits, dream catchers, wooden bowls from Kenya, rugs and blankets, and character pillows.

Species by the Thousands at

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