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Brand History

Ksubi (pronounced as “sooh-bee”) is an Australian lifestyle brand established in 1999 by Gareth Moody, Dan Single, George Gorrow, Paul Wilson and Oscar Wright. Initially known as Tsubi, the brand was created after the brand’s cofounders grew extremely dissatisfied with the kind of quality they get from jeans that are sold in the market. They hated the quality, the fit and the cut so they decided to put their thinking caps on and started their own denim wear brand. Tsubi grew immensely popular in its native Australia that by 2002, the brand made its international debut with fashion displays held in an abandoned tube station in Aldwynch. Tsubi was then carried by Selfridges Department store in London, alongside Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney and Givenchy.

In 2006, Tsubi changed its name to Ksubi after the brand went global. By 2010, the brand has acquired three clothing labels under its name, Bleach, Something Else and Insight clothing brands. Today, Ksubi is known for its affordable eyewear. Ksubi eyewear is sold in selected stores including online at Karmaloop.com. Ksubi 225x300 Ksubi

The Best in Aussie Underground Fashion

Drawing inspiration from fashion subculture, music and the arts, Ksubi offers the best in Australian street style. The brand is all about uncovering unique style through endless experimentation. Australia is comprised of many subcultures and it’s one of the places where culture plays a huge part of the country’s lifestyle. , Ksubi is all about dishing out the best in Australian fashion, representing the country’s subcultures and exemplifying the best in individualistic style.

Ksubi 2013 Fall/Winter Collection

Following the AD/BC Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, Ksubi drops down the second part of their collection in a lookbook titled, Acult. The Acult lookbook features an exciting selection of hoodies, pullovers, buttons up shirts, tie-dye shirts, hoodies, embellished in faded indigo designs. The Acult collection puts the highlight on the brand’s winning cut and sew designs, adding a bit of street into the overall aesthetics of each piece.

Ksubi Eyewear at Karmaloop.com

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